Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Hello All
I have had a pretty pants week - something that I have been unsure about chatting about being a new bloggy dude n'all. 
In short, whether it's just me I don't know but work has been pants & OH has been away for the last 2 weeks and although I am due to catch up with him next week, the plans aren't going as well as they should.  This, ('plans' not working out), is one thing that I cannot 'deal' with very well. 

Whilst I don't do planning, if I am going anywhere I have a sort of schedule in my mind (it might be the same to others, but to me a question of 'what time are you leaving / due to arrive' fills me with fear so that part is not planned, I usually have an anticipated day of arrival).  Anyway, if my schedule starts to go belly up I can get a bit of angst.  No real reason why 'cos not planning means no ETA, but I have an idea in my mind that's ok.  My method of planning / non-planning allows a LOT of time for getting lost, other adventures! 
As was the case last year when I had a different car, without cigarette lighter to charge Mr satnav.  Despite travelling the same route to my mum's countless times and every time arguing with Mr satnav, without him, I wasn't concentrating on the route and ended up passing Bristol instead of turning off.  I realised before OH who was just gibbering away and singing along (Badly - as was I), to the funky tunes we had on the player, probably a bit of Kid Rock.  So I say, 'this doesn't look familiar, I think we missed our turning'.  He's like -'No, it just looks different 'cos you usually drive overnight'.
Ok so sometimes, particularly when you're stuck together in the car for 5hours, you just have to go with that, but, I was right.  Anyway, it was a lovely day so instead of turning round and going the right way to mumsys, I decided that a trip to Weston Super Mare might be on the cards, (well, we were most of the way there!)
We had a great time, got stuck in the mud - Who Knew? that it wasn't sand.  Fortunately rescued my merrell sandal things - they have never been the same since!!

But rambling off, I have cheered up a bit cos had a chat with OH and a friend who made me realise what will be will be, and Pirates of the Caribbean is on telly - who wouldn't be cheered up by that!!

Attaching another piccy too! A wallet prototype that after sending off I realised I forgot to put the note wallet in!

testing from mobile

Wow, I think I can even blog from my phone. That will give me something to do when the bus to / from work is stuck in traffic.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Can I do it?

So, all the cool kids seem to be blogging these days, along with plenty of grown ups (real or pretend), the question is - can I be a blogger too?

In principle I guess I can, but getting it to work how I want it too - we'll just have to wait & see!!

Anyhow, I like to keep myself busy trying to knit, sew & crochet. I am really a novice at all three having just found a bit of mojo in the last couple of years. I did some sewing when I was younger but recently have been trying to improve and use up fabric that I have had lying around for ages just waiting...

As for the knitting & crochet, it started as a whim just over a year ago and I have to admit I am addicted.

As I say, I'm not an expert at any of the hobbies but they all keep me out of mischief (mostly) and allow me to try and get the creativity flowing - it has been dormant for far too long.

Now to see if I can post pictures!! I have loads of fabric remnants so am making purses and wallets. The foto is my dalmation purse!