Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Can I do it?

So, all the cool kids seem to be blogging these days, along with plenty of grown ups (real or pretend), the question is - can I be a blogger too?

In principle I guess I can, but getting it to work how I want it too - we'll just have to wait & see!!

Anyhow, I like to keep myself busy trying to knit, sew & crochet. I am really a novice at all three having just found a bit of mojo in the last couple of years. I did some sewing when I was younger but recently have been trying to improve and use up fabric that I have had lying around for ages just waiting...

As for the knitting & crochet, it started as a whim just over a year ago and I have to admit I am addicted.

As I say, I'm not an expert at any of the hobbies but they all keep me out of mischief (mostly) and allow me to try and get the creativity flowing - it has been dormant for far too long.

Now to see if I can post pictures!! I have loads of fabric remnants so am making purses and wallets. The foto is my dalmation purse!


  1. Thank you. It's a bit of a mystery at the mo, but I'm sure I will get there!