Thursday, 29 April 2010

Ordinary things

Well my bus route has changed supposedly for the better, I should now only need to get 1 bus to work but so far what a nightmare! 
The first day it was late,  then all the schoolkids pushed on first, no prob.em they usually sit upstairs out of the way, but no, they stood right at the fron blocking the corridor! 
Day 2 - half hour late but no kids, they'd got bored with waiting.
Day 3 - went for the earlier bus, still late but at least I was at work in plenty of time! Return journeys have also been late but today 2 turned up at once and my one happened to be the one that broke down. Fortunately, I was home in time for a very important 'fone call.

Day 4 - yippee, it turned up on time, got me to work and no problems.

Now, I have managed to pick up a cheap run around car but I was giving it a run out last week on the way to work to get used to it and that was far too stressful, all the traffic and driving numpties cutting me meant road rage a-plenty!!!

Choices, choices!!

Apparently, 'It's not easy being green'

Monday, 12 April 2010

Home Alone (again)

After what seemed like a journey to the (dark side of the) moon, I finally got back home yesterday. 

Next time I decide to get all uppity and at the last minute decide to get the train away, remind me to check what the options are for coming back and whether there are any railworks resulting in bus replacements, extra changes and such like.
Fortunately, I only bought a few bits back with me. 

This time, it seems much more difficult, perhaps because I have spent a good week with OH and I knew what I was going back to at work!

I guess I just need to get motivated again to be make more stuff, I have a couple of ideas brewing and really need to get started so that I don't run out of time, like I did at easter and chrsitmas before that.  (Note to self - it is very difficult to crochet in the back of a car with no lights down the unlit parts of the M5 - especially when you are still learning!! - yay a lesson learnt!)

I have missed actively sewing & knitting and was beginning to get withdrawals so I guess I can throw myself back into it again.

Friday, 9 April 2010

OH becomes a piglet

OH has started work at the piggy farm today, not quite sure whether it is a trial, a casual or semi-permanent job, but he was looking forward to it, even getting up super early to get there.

I was a bit confused when he walked back in only 10 minutes after leaving, but it was to bring the blooming cat back who had decided to follow him to work.  (Didn't want him getting lost, he has only been in Somerset for a few weeks and not really ventured much further than the campsite!)

Gorgeous sunshine again and I am sat typing whilst finishing lunch, must get back out to enjoy it while it lasts!!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Day trip to Taunton

This week, life is in Somerset. Whilst here, OH & I thought we could meet up with some people I chat with on internet. 

Have had a lovely afternoon in a pub with 2 lovely bubbly children (& their mum & dad), there's something about meeting new people that seems to really tire me out.  A good day, pleasantly warm, sunny and full of chatter!  Hope to catch up with them all again soon!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Hooray for sunshine

The sun is shining!!  Ok, so it's a bit on the chilly side, but at least the rain has paused for a day. 

Happy Easter