Monday, 12 April 2010

Home Alone (again)

After what seemed like a journey to the (dark side of the) moon, I finally got back home yesterday. 

Next time I decide to get all uppity and at the last minute decide to get the train away, remind me to check what the options are for coming back and whether there are any railworks resulting in bus replacements, extra changes and such like.
Fortunately, I only bought a few bits back with me. 

This time, it seems much more difficult, perhaps because I have spent a good week with OH and I knew what I was going back to at work!

I guess I just need to get motivated again to be make more stuff, I have a couple of ideas brewing and really need to get started so that I don't run out of time, like I did at easter and chrsitmas before that.  (Note to self - it is very difficult to crochet in the back of a car with no lights down the unlit parts of the M5 - especially when you are still learning!! - yay a lesson learnt!)

I have missed actively sewing & knitting and was beginning to get withdrawals so I guess I can throw myself back into it again.

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