Thursday, 29 April 2010

Ordinary things

Well my bus route has changed supposedly for the better, I should now only need to get 1 bus to work but so far what a nightmare! 
The first day it was late,  then all the schoolkids pushed on first, no prob.em they usually sit upstairs out of the way, but no, they stood right at the fron blocking the corridor! 
Day 2 - half hour late but no kids, they'd got bored with waiting.
Day 3 - went for the earlier bus, still late but at least I was at work in plenty of time! Return journeys have also been late but today 2 turned up at once and my one happened to be the one that broke down. Fortunately, I was home in time for a very important 'fone call.

Day 4 - yippee, it turned up on time, got me to work and no problems.

Now, I have managed to pick up a cheap run around car but I was giving it a run out last week on the way to work to get used to it and that was far too stressful, all the traffic and driving numpties cutting me meant road rage a-plenty!!!

Choices, choices!!

Apparently, 'It's not easy being green'

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