Thursday, 23 September 2010

Summer's gone.

So, throughout most of summer, I have been offline and / or miserable. What a combination.

Just been woken up, (about an hour ago), to the belting down rain.  Had to get up and check that those roof 'window' things are all shut in the caravan.  Fortunately, the only one open was the bathroom one. 

Realised that none of the windows were open to let fat cat in so donned waterproofs and went out for a nosey, using the torch I had in my hand would have been useful as I stepped in a puddle -(right up to my middle?), in my trainers - now soaked.

No cat.  Back to the van, cuppa & 30 seconds later, meow (Sp???).  Tried to dry him off but all he wanted to do was sleep!!

OH now due to get up for work. He has managed to sleep through the rain and his alarm - HOW??
Off to make another cuppa.


  1. what a beautiful cat! I have a ginger cat too, they are adorable

  2. Thank you, sorry, not been keeping up with blog so, just picked up your comment.

    For me, as a non cat lover, he is a lovely, cheeky bugger.