Thursday, 14 October 2010

I always seem to be complaining

Last weekend, my nan died.  She had been poorly, was of a reasonable age and had been through various ops.  It's still a bummer.  The way I got the news was mildy amusing. My brother rang me, (note; my uncle has been very poorly too), conversation went something like:
BRO - are you sitting down?
ME - no, what's happened?
BRO - N (random, phone breaking up noise), has died, (Note - uncle's name also begins with N!)
ME - Who? Who has died?
BRO - phone cutting off
ME - Which bluming one? 

I tried to call back, engaged (probably trying to ring me back), so I wait and have another similarly cut off call. Finally, establish it's my nan.  In my usual 'I'm ok' way, I go into ultra efficient mode and say ok, I'll find out what's going on, speak to you later.

Ring husband, (who works away), let him know what's happened. Just about to get stuck into something distracting like the housework, (way too early for a glass of vino!), mum rings. Bro has called her, (with the same cutting off of phone-ness) and explained that I might be upset so .. she rings me to see if I'm ok.

Eventually, spoke to uncles and got some more information, wouldn't really know much more till after the weekend.
Anyway, that was the lengthy background to my rant.

The eldest uncle has taken 3 days off to sort stuff at my nan's and has (apparently), gone back to work today and they have fired him. He was saying yesterday that he was 'allowed '2 days bereavement, but that's just pants in terms of sorting out funeral and 'stuff'.
I am sooo cross. 
Other than that (and my brother incurring injury whilst playing hockey a couple of weeks back, leaving him unable to work, drive or do a lot), life is good.  Bonkers, but good.

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