Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Crazy thoughts

While driving down south this weekend, I had little to cheer me up. 

Until I saw a little truck driving along, it was for a Scania truck recycling company.  So I thought to myself - Oh, that's good to know.
Now I know I like to think I am into recycling and good for the environment type stuff, albeit in a talk about it better than doing it kind of way, but seriously WHY do I need to know about Scania recycled parts?

Then, a bit further down the road, there were thousands of leaves blowing around, it didn't look or feel too windy but still, it was quite pretty.  Then I caught up with an open caged wagon that had obviously been collecting leaf waste - only for it all to blow back out along another road.  Small things to keep me amused on the long journeys!!


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